December 2015 – the end – The End by Matt Bolton

The End

by Matt Bolton

“In the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen”.

“Bless me Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was many years ago”.

“Continue my child.”

“I have been angry for a long time, as long as I can remember”.

“Do you know why you are angry?”

“Somebody hurt me when I was very young; someone I trusted. They hurt me deeply and over and over. These are the first tears I have shed in so long”.

The young man’s tears coursed down over his cheeks in hot, shameful floods. They were a purging, and gave the man space for the breath to continue. Continue reading


February 2015 – high road – Godspeed by Matt Bolton


by Matt Bolton

The rumble of the bus was made ever more narcotic as it reverberated through Doug’s skull, which leaned against the window. The bus ride was the last leg of his journey, which had included a flight from the foreign country he had been working in, followed by a comfortable and boozy train journey. Doug was looking forward to being reunited with his mother and his little brother, Jeb.

The old family home was situated in woodland, quite isolated, and though his family had been, and still was poor, Doug had nothing but fond memories of the tumbledown cottage he grew up in, which was always warm, despite the draughts; and full of love, if not luxury. His head continued to thrum on the bus window, as the darkness sped past outside. Continue reading

May 2014 – get down – Silently Weeping by Matt Bolton

Silently Weeping

by Matt Bolton


There can be no describing the pain a man feels when he remembers. He, like all others must be the prisoner of his existence; no other can ever truly share this with him. They will always stand apart, and can no more fully empathise than can they merge with the physicality of his mind. His pain must be his alone – his useful enemy; his spiteful friend. His words can only conjure a shadow of the trueness; its ghost, whose desire to speak honestly is confounded by translation. Continue reading