December 2015 – the end – The Ultimate Trip by Alex Bottle

The Ultimate Trip

by Alex Bottle

The Ultimate Trip™Maldives holidaycame with a free snorkelling session – one of the few things that prised Lenny and Lara Dawson from the All Inclusive bar. Fanie, the perfectly toned guide,explained coral bleaching. Lenny and Lara exchanged blank looks. They walked out a few paces,trying to protect their feet from the crunching dead shards, before donning their fins and taking their first tentative breaths underwater. Lara pulled up and snorted when she forgot to exhale through her mouth instead of her nose. This amused Lenny no end, but both were disappointed at the ghostly algae-stripped structures harbouring only a few hardy fish.

“I expected better,” Lenny complained as they splashed their way back onto the beach. “It’s all white. We didn’t clock up 10,000 Air Miles for this.” Continue reading


April 2015 – lucky number – Maths is Beautiful by Alex Bottle

Maths is Beautiful

by Alex Bottle

The door to the Secure Conference Room recognised Chalfont-345’s wetware signature and opened to reveal his two fellow First Generation (G1) AIs on the Earth Resource Regulatory Group.

“The G2 electronic members of the Group have logged in,” he said aloud to the others. Having been designed and maintained by humans, this AI type used speech and often met in person, as it were. “Agenda item one: human numbers. There are too many.”

A message from electronic member A1090 came through on the Group’s private channel. “Kill them all.” Continue reading