March 2013 – “loose ends” – The Letter by John Pilling


By John Pilling

Dear Mum and Dad,

How are you both? Keeping well and taking care of yourselves I hope.

I thought I’d write my weekly letter a bit earlier this week as I’ve got a bit of news for you and also I’ve been given some rather unexpected leave from work, I’m actually home at the moment.

I think I told you that I’ve been working on a new dock development down in Melbourne for the last few weeks. When the job came up, I wasn’t all that keen on being away from home but Nance thought it was a great idea for me to earn some extra money. Not in any way your fault of course, but things did get a bit tight financially after you left. Nance was getting a bit depressed and we started rowing about little things so in a way it was good to get away for a while, give us both a break.

Anyway the boss called us all in a couple of days ago and told us that the client was delighted with what we’d done so far and as a result the firm had been given another big contract at the same site. He was pretty pleased, and said that he would like to keep us together as a team ( such good workers, ha ha!) and as a bit of a reward he suggested that we finish up and take a week off, on full pay as a thank-you. I thought it was really nice of him to think like that.

I didn’t tell Nance I was coming home early as I wanted it to be a real surprise for her. I think it was.

She looks a lot better, seems the extra money I’ve been sending home has made a real difference, she’s been able to afford a new hairstyle and new clothes, nearly didn’t recognise her when I walked in. There was a bloke in the kitchen with her, apparently she and the woman from next door have joined a new Zumba club that has opened in town and this chap is the instructor. I was a bit surprised at him being there during the day but Nance explained that he had called round to tell her about some competition at the club and had stayed for a coffee.

Nance has always been keen on dancing, in fact that’s how we first met if you remember, but we’ve never done much because she says I’ve got two left feet and am slow to learn. I think she also reckons I’m a bit slow on the uptake but maybe she will find out she’s wrong on that one!!!

Anyway, to my bit of news. After having a good long think about things I’ve finally decided to come over and join you.

I’m sure that I will be a lot happier and hopefully so will you, I’ve missed you both so much since you left and frankly there isn’t all that much now to keep me here. The Aussie dream hasn’t really worked out for me. Maybe if we’d had children… but Nance has always been so anti about that and as you know I’m just not the sort to push things

I think I can hear her saying goodbye to that chap so will finish this. I’d like a word with him and I suppose I’d also better have a chat with Nance about what I’ve been thinking.

Just have a couple of loose ends to tie up, then I will be on my way to join you. Somehow I don’t think Nance will be coming with me…maybe she’ll go somewhere warmer!

See you soon.



Victoria Police Bureau

Internal memo Restricted circulation.

D/I Wakeman,

Derek, to see the attached and advise please.

Case CI/46371 refers.

In brief, following report of a disturbance, police entered a house at 28 Prade St and found two adult bodies, male and female, hanging from a beam in the kitchen; they had been dead for some time. Signs of violence were present and the area was therefore secured and a provisional “suspicious death” file opened.

Subsequent post mortem examination confirmed that in each case death was due to ligature strangulation.

In line with current procedure, a preliminary forensic assessment of the area was conducted including an examination of a computer found at the scene. At that stage, nothing of pertinence to the initial enquiry was reported. However a subsequent re- examination of the computer hard drive by IT (your standing order 973 refers) disclosed the attached Email in a confidential file.

I have discussed the matter with the officer who carried out the original search (D/C Wilson) and his attention has been drawn to the position taken by the Dept concerning his future.

It would appear that the email offers some indication of motive for the deaths but there is a further complication in that enquiries made with a view to contacting next of kin have disclosed that the address to which the email was sent, whilst still extant, is registered to a Mr and Mrs Charles Weston who died in a road accident two years ago, (NSW traffic/17893).

Formal identification by a neighbour has now confirmed that the bodies are those of Nance and Mike Weston.

I would appreciate your guidance regarding the direction of any further investigation.

K Young .D/S


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